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Telephone: 208-334-3285
Fax: 208-334-2050

To file a complaint or ask a question about the license law, please contact IREC staff at the general telephone number, you will be directed accordingly.


MiChell Bird
Executive Director |
 208-334-3285 ext 105    
Agency Director. 

Jessica Valerio
Administrative Assistant 2 | 208-334-3285 ext 110 
Assistant to Executive Director and the Commission’s Counsel, coordinates Real Estate Commission and Education Council meetings, contact for public records requests.

Ron Bassett
Financial Specialist
 | 208-334-3285 ext 109     

Education and Licensing

Melissa Ferguson
Education and Licensing Director
 | 208-334-3285 ext 116
Department supervisor, coordinates IREC’s educational programs, oversees licensing functions and licensing exams. 

Alice Young
Training Specialist
 | 208-334-3285 ext 115
Provides technical assistance for providers, instructors and courses, maintains the Commission-developed course curriculum, conducts provider training.

Jesama Rosensweig
Technical Records Specialist 2
 | 208-334-3285 ext 106
Processes broker, firm, and branch office applications and renewals and office changes, oversees fingerprint exemption reviews and E&O insurance program.

Kristine Boender
Customer Service Representative 2 | 208-334-3285 ext 118

Saychelle Roberts
Administrative Assistant 1 | 208-334-3285 ext 103
Processes real estate course, instructor, and provider applications and renewals.


Craig Boyack
Chief Investigator
| 208-334-3285 ext 114
Department supervisor, investigates complaints, manages IREC’s disciplinary actions program, oversees the Subdivided Lands/Timeshare Registration program. 

Don Morse
 | 208-334-3285 ext 111
Investigates complaints against real estate licensees, assistance with trust accounting and license law questions. 

Nathan Svevad
| 208-334-3285 ext 113
Investigates complaints against real estate licensees, assistance with trust accounting and license law questions. 

Gayle Brixey
 | 208-334-3285 ext 112
Conducts office audits and provides record keeping assistance.

Kaylan Fowler
Administrative Assistant 2
 | 208-334-3285 ext 108
Legal assistant and administrative support for the department, processes timeshare registrations. 

Location, Phone and Fax

Logger’s Creek Terrace Building
575 E. Parkcenter Blvd. Suite 180
Boise ID 83706
Telephone: 208-334-3285
Fax: 208-334-2050

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