Protecting the public interest in regulated real estate transactions

Consumer Information

Agency Disclosure: Read the Commission’s “blue brochure” concerning who represents you in a real estate transaction.

Info on Foreclosure Rescue Schemes: Attorney General and Department of Finance warn of “foreclosure rescue” schemes

Multiple Listing Service (MLS): A private membership of real estate brokers who agree to cooperate to sell each others’ listings by sharing information and compensation. There are several MLS’s throughout the State of Idaho. Many MLS’s are owned and/or operated by REALTOR® Associations.

REALTORS®: The National Association of REALTORS® is a trade organization whose members include real estate licensees and real estate affiliated professionals. The Idaho Association of REALTORS® and local REALTOR® Associations operate under the NAR® umbrella. Most, but not all, Idaho real estate licensees belong to a REALTOR® Association. REALTOR® members subscribe to a Code of Ethics and are subject to discipline through the Association for ethical violations. REALTOR® Associations also require their members to arbitrate commission disputes through a professional standards process. Visit for more information.

Rental properties – find or list:

Property Tax Information: Provided by the Idaho State Tax Commission

Public Records: Information about obtaining public records from the Real Estate Commission, and a form you can submit to make your request

Real Estate Recovery Fund: Established to make funds available to victims of fraud, misrepresentation and deceit committed by a real estate licensee when the victims cannot otherwise collect on a court judgment. Click here for more information.

U.S. Database of Real Estate Agents: