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The Idaho Real Estate Commission is an agency authorized under Chapter 20, Title 54, Idaho Code to administer the Real Estate License Law regulating real estate brokerage in Idaho. The Commission is a dedicated fund agency, meaning the funding for all Commission operations comes primarily from license and application fees; the Real Estate Commission receives no general fund monies. The Commission issues licenses to real estate brokers and sales associates, develops and oversees education programs and licensing exams, and investigates complaints and takes disciplinary actions for violations of the license law. The Commission is also charged with administering the State’s Subdivided Lands Disposition Act (Chapter 18, Title 55, Idaho Code). The Act requires sellers of timeshares and out-of-state subdivision lots to register their projects with the Commission as a prerequisite to marketing them in Idaho.

Agency Profile


Kim Cooper






Kim Cooper, Chair
(07/19 – 07/23)

Jill Stone







Jill Stone, Vice Chair
(09/16 – 07/24)






Elizabeth Hume, Member
(03/22 – 07/25)

Michael James Johnston






Michael James Johnston, Member
(07/14 – 07/26)

Martin Espil
Martin Espil
Public Member

(07/17 – 07/24)

Education Council

Heidi Casdorph







Heidi Casdorph, Chair
(07/20 – 07/24)






Carolyn Sinnard, Vice Chair
(07/21 – 07/25)

Patrick Malone







Patrick Malone, Member
(12/14 – 07/23)







Debbie Lawrence, Member
(07/22 – 07/26)







Elizabeth Hume
Commission Representative

MiChell Bird







MiChell Bird,
Executive Officer

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